On tour in St Louis

We’re wrapping up the main part of our 2013 “A Novel Music Tour”. And one of our last stops, St. Louis, may have been the best. See why in this video…

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I just added a new tab to the menu on my site. “ARTSY STUFF“. It’s where I’m going to post all the projects that Sharisse and I work on that aren’t about my music. We get to work with some cool people/events, mostly shooting video/photography and we’re often thrilled with the result. There are 3 videos there right now. Please check it out. Here’s one that we did just for fun (like one should).

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Today I was at the rehearsal for TEDxYouth@SanDiego (watch it live 8am-5pm PST November 18, 2012 at http://www.tedxyouthsandiego.com/live/ ) and one of the presenters gave a gripping speech about something I have been thinking about for a while. Her talk inspired me to post these concept letters below, “Dear Woman Sorry Man”. I’m often embarrassed by the simplistic behavior of us males. Sometimes it’s amusing but a lot of how we treat women is harmful. What we do as a male dominated culture is manipulate women and girls on a massive scale that is so embedded in our lives that we don’t even notice the damage. I feel some responsibility as a male to undo some of this damage and let women in on the secret that dudes are more insecure than them. That it will be nearly impossible to get guys to not think of sex first so it’s up to the women to know their own priorities. Us men are misguided in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to emotions, so spending a lot of time and effort becoming what you think we want doesn’t make sense when we don’t know what we really want ourselves. So please share these images on you social media and maybe it will get through to some girls and maybe even some guys. If it does, I think it could make us both sexes happier as individuals and as partners.

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U.S. Tour January – June 2013!

ANOUNCEMENT: 55 cities. 5 months. Lee Coulter “Mr Positivity” U.S. Tour January – June 2013! I’m booking now so please let me know your favorite acoustic venues near you. And/or if you’d be interested in hosting a house concert. So excited!

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Square Pegs Baby: my new band

In the past few months, you may have seen images of me acting like a fool, in ridiculous clothing, being overtly awesome etc. I wanted to clarify for anyone who might be confused or concerned – this is NOT the new direction for my solo career. Square Pegs Baby is simply a side project of mine that I’m extremely excited about because it is an outlet for fun, laughter, dancing, collaboration and music – all things dear to me. “Because it’s fun because we can!” Please help get the word out about the debut album. It will make you cooler.

Thanks for caring.

Lee (aka Walter LeGeaux)

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New song/video inspired by an amazing couple.

If this video moves you like creating it did for me, please share the love!

Follow Grant & Shawna Korgan’s adventures at http://www.facebook.com/korg3.0movement and http://korgmovement.com

My wife went to high school with Grant and after the accident she asked if I would play at his fundraiser. I met him that night and witnessed the force that he and Shawna are. A force of positivity, inspiration and love. Over a year later and I was following Grant’s journey to the South Pole on Facebook when a status update that embodied their love just floored me and I felt the need to share it… and how I do that is through song so I spent the next few days writing this and called it “Mad Love” because that is how the Korgans sign off on everything. That is how they live – “Madluv.”

Huge thanks to: Grant & Shawna for the inspiration and the permission to use their story and footage from their youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/grantkorgan
Duncan Lee and Alpine Assassins at http://www.alpineassassins.com for footage from the films “Assassin Nation” and “We Ride”.
Steven Siig, Tom Day and Petter Nyquist for footage from “The Push” trailer. Visit http://southpolepush.com to see more.
Keoki Flagg http://www.gallerykeoki.com for the photo at the end and this amazing TEDx Talk about enduring The Push http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anvIsIg1lU0
High Fives Foundation for what they do http://www.highfivesfoundation.org
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation http://www.crpf.org
My wife Sharisse for shooting the footage of me in this vid and for supporting my dreams and being my “madluv”. http://www.sharissecoulter.com

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New song & video this Wednesday @ Noon

(Update: The video was originally scheduled to be up at 8:30 this morning but has been pushed to noon today 7/18/2012)

Friends, I’m releasing a new song and video on Wednesday morning and if it doesn’t move you, I will give up trying to. You’ll be able to see it right here at https://leecoulter.wordpress.com

Video still of Lee by Sharisse Coulter, photos of Grant Korgan and Shawna Korgan by Gallery Keoki.

I have been honored with permission to incorporate epic footage of a more epic real life tale – the tale the song was inspired by. I wrote “Mad Love” about a friend of mine, Grant Korgan, and his trek to the South Pole – the first adaptive athlete ever to do so. Though, the song is less about a specific feat and more about the human spirit and what it can accomplish with determination and love.

Cheers and as Grant and his wife, Shawna, always say…

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