I have had a few people cover my songs on youtube and it is one of my favorite things as an obscure songwriter… to share music through other artists who I assume appreciate something about what I’m doing. I figure I would do the same for other artists who I appreciate and who deserve more recognition. Plus any good song is simply a joy to sing and share. I will occasionally do a more well known cover just because there are a handful that I love to do.

One of the not-so-obscure covers that I enjoy doing because it’s not what people expect from me. I actually think it’s a great song because the whole song is the same 3 chords but each section has a distinct and catchy melody.

I met Brian Chartrand out in Phoenix when we shared a show and he is amazing. This song, “Better Ways to Spend the Day” was released by his trio, Ten Dollar Outfit. He’s now part of another amazing folk trio called The Sweet Remains. Go do your ears a favor and look them up! (Posted May 2011)

I’ve seen Skyler Stonestreet perform at Lestat’s in San Diego and Hotel Cafe in L.A. as well as in my own studio when she recorded a guest vocal on Brian Benham’s album which I was producing. She is amazing and about to blow up with recent appearances in Rolling Stone Magazine and on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Like her at Recorded April 2011.