Today I was at the rehearsal for TEDxYouth@SanDiego (watch it live 8am-5pm PST November 18, 2012 at ) and one of the presenters gave a gripping speech about something I have been thinking about for a while. Her talk inspired me to post these concept letters below, “Dear Woman Sorry Man”. I’m often embarrassed by the simplistic behavior of us males. Sometimes it’s amusing but a lot of how we treat women is harmful. What we do as a male dominated culture is manipulate women and girls on a massive scale that is so embedded in our lives that we don’t even notice the damage. I feel some responsibility as a male to undo some of this damage and let women in on the secret that dudes are more insecure than them. That it will be nearly impossible to get guys to not think of sex first so it’s up to the women to know their own priorities. Us men are misguided in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to emotions, so spending a lot of time and effort becoming what you think we want doesn’t make sense when we don’t know what we really want ourselves. So please share these images on you social media and maybe it will get through to some girls and maybe even some guys. If it does, I think it could make us both sexes happier as individuals and as partners.


About Lee Coulter

A husband, father, rockstar, nerd. A cynical optimist in an ever-changing music world.
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  1. These are fantastic. I shall spread them across the interwebs. Thanks Lee!

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