Square Pegs Baby: my new band

In the past few months, you may have seen images of me acting like a fool, in ridiculous clothing, being overtly awesome etc. I wanted to clarify for anyone who might be confused or concerned – this is NOT the new direction for my solo career. Square Pegs Baby is simply a side project of mine that I’m extremely excited about because it is an outlet for fun, laughter, dancing, collaboration and music – all things dear to me. “Because it’s fun because we can!” Please help get the word out about the debut album. It will make you cooler.

Thanks for caring.

Lee (aka Walter LeGeaux)


About Lee Coulter

A husband, father, rockstar, nerd. A cynical optimist in an ever-changing music world.
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One Response to Square Pegs Baby: my new band

  1. Sally B says:

    This is such an ear worm song. I keep coming back to watch and listen again and again. Kinda like kettle corn. A little sweet, a little salty! Yeah, (square pegs) baby.

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