New song/video inspired by an amazing couple.

If this video moves you like creating it did for me, please share the love!

Follow Grant & Shawna Korgan’s adventures at and

My wife went to high school with Grant and after the accident she asked if I would play at his fundraiser. I met him that night and witnessed the force that he and Shawna are. A force of positivity, inspiration and love. Over a year later and I was following Grant’s journey to the South Pole on Facebook when a status update that embodied their love just floored me and I felt the need to share it… and how I do that is through song so I spent the next few days writing this and called it “Mad Love” because that is how the Korgans sign off on everything. That is how they live – “Madluv.”

Huge thanks to: Grant & Shawna for the inspiration and the permission to use their story and footage from their youtube channel
Duncan Lee and Alpine Assassins at for footage from the films “Assassin Nation” and “We Ride”.
Steven Siig, Tom Day and Petter Nyquist for footage from “The Push” trailer. Visit to see more.
Keoki Flagg for the photo at the end and this amazing TEDx Talk about enduring The Push
High Fives Foundation for what they do
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
My wife Sharisse for shooting the footage of me in this vid and for supporting my dreams and being my “madluv”.


About Lee Coulter

A husband, father, rockstar, nerd. A cynical optimist in an ever-changing music world.
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2 Responses to New song/video inspired by an amazing couple.

  1. svsaoirse says:

    Great job Lee…fantastic sound to this. Keep it up.

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